Broadwater Farm revisited – the police investigation

The police investigation

The police investigation into the riots and murder of PC Blakelock was one of the largest police inquiries in this country. Here are some facts and figures from the investigation.

  • Between 10 October 1985 and May 1986 the police raided 271 homes and arrested 362 people. 167 were charged with offences relating to the events of 6 October. Six of those were charged with the murder of Blakelock.
  • Over 80% of those arrested were of African-Caribbean descent
  • Those arrested were taken to 14 different stations across London, Tottenham police station was not used.
  • 167 charged 195 released without charge
  • Three men and three juveniles charged with Murder, Riot and Affray
  • 3 charged with Riot
  • 70 charged with Affray
  • 20 charged with Threatening Behaviour
  • 1 charged with Manufacture of Petrol Bombs
  • 13 charged with Possessing Stolen Goods
  • 8 charged with possessing an Offensive Weapon
  • Seven charged with Theft
  • Four charged with Arson
  • 3 charged with Assault on police
  • Remainder charges unrelated to 6 October
  • 68 heard cases were held at the Old Bailey
  • 19 pleaded Guilty
  • 49 pleaded Not Guilty
  • Of those pleading Not Guilty 26 were acquitted – no surprise as 37 of the 49 were charged on confessional evidence only,
  • Most had been held for 2/3 days without access to solicitors, family or legal advice, incommunicado

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